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Statkeeper, Scorekeeper, and Gym Ambassador Positions

Being a Hoops Leagues PNW Statistician or Gym Ambassador is a fun and flexible way to earn extra income on evenings and weekends, and be involved in the game you love! Fit it in around your daytime job, class schedule, or other adult responsibilities.

Are you looking to be a part of a dynamic, live content management team focused around the game of basketball? Do you have a passion for sports statistics, or aspire to be a statistician at the collegiate or professional level? From sports media to social media, stats are embedded in the sports culture. Now they are embedded in the Seattle recreational basketball culture. Whatever it is about basketball that gets you excited and motivated, joining the Hoops Leagues PNW team as a Statistician or Gym Ambassador may be a good fit for you.

Hoops Leagues PNW is a recreation basketball league in Seattle focused on providing an exceptional recreational basketball experience for our players that cannot be found in any other recreation basketball league in the area. Our vision is to provide a safe, fun, competitive basketball experience for the working professional dedicated to a lifestyle of health, fitness, and professional and social networking. We want our players to live balanced lifestyles, focused on continuous improvement both on and off the court, and you can be an integral part of satisfying this mission, by providing players with personal content that will have a positive impact on their development as a basketball player.


1) Experience bookkeeping or stat tracking at the middle school, high school, or collegiate level.

2) Moderate to advanced knowledge of basic basketball statistical categories (pts, reb, ast etc.) and the ability to identify these categories, score them to an individual player or team, and make quick, decisive, judgment calls on the fly in an action filled possession or sequence.

3) Ability to effectively communicate with facility staff, participants, and game officials.

Job Duties:

1) Manage and delegate activities related to player sign in (waivers and rosters)

2) Manage game operations, ensuring on-time starts

3) Narrate the in-game action for the HL PNW scorekeeper, who will then tally the stats in the stats windows based software. (for example: “Missed 2pt. field goal, 21-Red. Rebound 15-Red. Made 3pt field goal 3-Red. Assist 15-Red”).

4) Operate windows based stat keeping software as needed

5) Assist in rule clarification and interpretation for players and officials.

6) Assist in other scorer’s table duties as needed (get waivers signed, player sign-ins, etc.)***TRAINING IS PROVIDED***

Good traits to have to be successful on the job:

1) Attention to detail
2) Ability to enforce league policies
3) Ability to create solutions to problems on the go
4) Desire to provide our players with the best quality content (accurate stats and shot charts)
5) Willingness to learn, and be okay with making mistakes


Various Community Centers & high schools in  the greater Seattle area. Weekend afternoons and weekday evenings, year round.


Compensation is paid bi-weekly, competitive, and based on performance


Job Application

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  • Phone*
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  • Please provide 5-6 sentences stating why you believe you are a good fit for the position, and any prior experience you have.*
  • 1)Guard passes to forward, forward pump fakes defender, take a dribble, and scores a layup*
  • 2)A guard passes the ball ahead to the other guard on a fast break, who takes 4 dribbles and scores a layup, with no defender in front of him.*
  • 3)A guard passes the ball ahead to the other guard on a fast break, who attacks a defender and scores a layup*
  • 4)#12 on defense deflects a pass from #1 on offense. There is a scramble to the loose ball, and #8 on defense retrieves the ball.*
  • 5)The same situation as above, but the result of the scramble is a jump ball, in which the offense loses possession.*
  • 6)#1 on offense mistakenly passes the ball to #8 on defense*
  • 7)#5 on offense shoots a 3pt field goal and the ball is wedged between the rim and the backboard. The possession arrow indicates the offense will retain possession.*
  • 8)Same situation but defense obtains possession.*
  • Please upload your resume.*

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